At my current rate and my recent change to get two MBA’s for the price of one, I anticipate I’ll be done by 2013 instead of 2012.   Of course, I could take a bigger course load, go to school during the summer and be done sooner but I love getting student loan money semester after semester dirt cheap.   In the final analysis, the student loan money is my ticket to hedge against any type of government gold seizures, confiscation of accounts, etc.     I won’t go into details into exactly what I’m doing but if you’re smart enough, you can figure it out.

It is perfectly easy to me to see how people get 100k in debt going to school because although my tuition is generally a couple of grand each semester, the finance department sees fit to allocate well over 10k per semester to me.  I take the money and use it wisely while I get a tax write off and hedge.   Of course, idiots go and spend the money on crap which is why they can’t get out of the black hole.

I have to admit, I’m still not convinced the MBA is worth anything and my only reason to continue on now is to get the student loan money.    Hell I may even get into buying rental houses as it’s the last undiscovered fountain of subsidized money.   If this keeps up, perhaps I’ll stay in school forever and use the money to put my kids through college…lol that would really be a good way to stick it to the man!