For over a month now, I have been searching for four iPhone 5s’ for the T-mobile network.   I’ve gone from T-mobile kiosk to T-mobile store to Apple stores and no one has them in stock.    I’ll usually get something like, “We had one of those this morning” but that’s about as close as I’ve gotten to an iPhone 5S.

Finally I decided I would just order them online from Apple directly paying FULL retail price but was shocked at what I found!  Take a look at the picture and read that red text:  A Maximum of 2 iPhone 5S can be purchased per customer.

Did you see that?   A MAXIMUM of TWO PHONES!

Wow.   Imagine a business model where Walmart will only sell you two bottles of dish soap, or only two quarts of oil or only two TVs.   Is this insane or what?

I clicked the “Chat now” button just to make sure this wasn’t a mistake but the chat person confirmed what I was reading.

He did make some suggestions:  Get a friend to order two for you.  Order two with one credit card and one address and the other two with another credit card and different addresses.

I didn’t know that you now need to own two or more homes to order iPhones.

Curious, I checked to see if I could order 4 iPhone 5c devices and sure enough, you can order as many of that junk/crap as you want so the limit is only with the 5S.

Sadly, Tim Cook is an idiot for not being ready for the demand.  This guy is a clown and should resign from Apple.   We need someone that knows what the customer wants and can provide it to him.   Oh damn you Steve Jobs for eating all that fruit and getting pancreatic cancer and dying.   I’m so sad right now I think I’m gonna cry.