The Fed announced a $600 billion dollar planned Treasury purchase and may decide to pump more money if “necessary” in the future.  This essentially now lays the groundwork for the next bubble.   The Dow is already showing signs of resurrection as it soared to 11.5k and while there may be a few pull backs I have no doubt we’re on our way to Dow 12k and maybe 13k.   I also have no doubt that all bubbles end in only one way: hard crash.

So the only obvious question that is begged here is when to get out?    Dow 12k or 13k  or maybe tempt fate and try to ride it all the way to Dow 14k?   This will be my last ride up and I suspect it may be a ride through December 2012 but I have no plans on “investing for the long term” in the Wall Street Casino.    There are just too many baby boomers that are starved for cash and whatever money they have in the “market” will simply be pulled out over the next decade.   Generation Y and below is saddled with poor job prospects and trying to get by TODAY much less planning for 40 years into the future.   Generation X is a bit disillusioned and trying to find their footing as the crash of 87, 2001, 2007 have left a bitter taste in their mouth.

So there you have it from Boomers to Millenials, the stock market is dead.   You’re all getting one last ride; Enjoy it; Profit from it; Cash out before the fall.