If Wade Cook’s Safety 1st Investing was a Stock 101 class, and Saliba’s Options Workbook was an Options 101 Class then Options Made Easy is an Options 201 course.


This book expands on both of the previous books I reviewed and provides advanced concepts encompassing more theory, graphs, and charts. You will also get an introduction to the greek alphabet and the terms associated with things like Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, and Zeta.

I did find this book educational and I’ll likely have to read it a few more times before a few of the more advanced concepts sink in but I didn’t really learn anything new to improve on my ETF Covered Call investment strategy. I’d recommend this book for anyone wanting an advanced understanding of options trading. If you’re new to options trading, I don’t recommend you start here since you’ll likely be overwhelmed rather quickly.

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