I’m not a big fan of technical books but I make it a point to try to always learn something new even if it’s something I’m not crazy about so I picked up Anthony J. Saliba’s The Options Workbook 2nd Edition to get a technical perspective on options trading.


This book covers almost every definition in the Options Trading world.  The book is written almost in classroom format so that each chapter has various exercises at the end to review and test your retention.  This book does somewhat complement Wade Cook’s Safety 1st Investing as Cook’s book provides a basic concepts overview, this book provides detailed mathematical formula and theory.

I would recommend this book to people new to options trading.  I would also recommend this book to people who are familiar with options trading but need a refresher on the theory or math behind options trading.   I would also recommend this book to people who are young; I wish I could make this mandatory to all high school graduates or perhaps as a weed out course to college students as it provides an answer to what every working person will ask once they begin to earn an income:  How do I invest the money I earn?