So Costco does it again and doesn’t let me down.   A few days ago I bought a $300 New Zealand wool rug and today I got Costco coupons for $60 off the same rug!  Went into Costco and asked for a credit and was given one with no hassles!     I love Costco!  I wish I knew how to quit you beautiful!

I also have bought about $1,500 worth of wine over the past few months rebuilding my inventory that was depleted during my six month involuntary vacation from my previous employer.   I currently have a total of 130 bottles of delicious Malbecs, precocious Merlots, titillating Rieslings, sultry Cabernets, and sassy sauvignon blancs.   I had my kids do a count twice because I wanted to know precisely when I would run out of wine assuming two wine bottles per week and wanted to make sure I had at least a one year inventory.  52 weeks x 2 bottles = 104 bottles plus a few extras for guests and emergencies.

With the economy starting to sour again, I’m ready for the next layoff…nay…I am taunting the world for the next layoff.    Bring it on!   Seriously, I’ve noted that a few of my exec peers that had been let go, found jobs are being let go again so that doesn’t bode well.   It’s the canary in the coal mine and with unemployment benefits not looking promising for renewal, we could be in for a world of hurt.

Stock up on food, silver, gold, and extra cash cuz we’re in for a LONG winter chaps.