I write to you with very sad news….I am no longer a Costco fan.   I fell in love with Costco many years ago, they always seemed to have great stuff and great customer service but my last few visits reminded me of why I stopped shopping at Walmart many, many, years ago.    The Costco store is always packed, filthy, disorganized and the worst part – very long check out lines.    What exactly is the point of having 12 check out lanes if only 3 or 4 are ever open?    What’s the point of self-serve check out lanes if they are always closed?     Gee Costco, can’t you do better?   What happened to the promise of running your cart through an RFID reader and have it automatically total up your goods and breeze through checkout?    If there is any store that is ripe for automating checkouts it’s Costco but they just don’t seem to care anymore.

Truth be told, the entire retail experience everywhere is horrible.   There is never enough parking, too many people walking around, not enough sales clerks so why would anyone want to deal with this nonsense?      I now do about 80% of my shopping on Amazon.com where in two days it’s at my door.    I recently discovered Boxed.com which is a Costco clone but sells entirely online.  Unfortunately it doesn’t offer free shipping like Amazon but it does sell many of the bulk items Costco has without the hassle of the store.

What should Costco do?   Well they need to offer online delivery of ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS not just a few of them.  They need to hire more people and open more check out lanes or just automate the process.   They should probably raise their membership fee if they can’t attract enough people to work there and pay them better.    Until Costco makes their retail experience more pleasant, I’ll just order more and more online.