Well it took forever but a few weeks ago I got my four brand new iPhone 5S’s for everyone.   The day I got them I had a flight out to Sweden and when I landed was greeted with a cheerful text message from T-mobile that all my web in Sweden would be “free” and true to their word, it worked like a champ.

T-Mobile has finally started doing things right….getting the iPhone in its device portfolio, offering unlimited data (on certain plans), and free web internationally in most countries.   I’ll be a solid customer for life as long as they keep this up!

And as much as I hated the thought of using that fingerprint scanner I find it quite useful and now find myself putting my thumb on my iPad which doesn’t have the scanner!

I opted to pay full price for the phones to the tune of about $3200 because I happened to sign up for a new Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card which gave me 40,000 in points (equivalent of $500).    With that and the $600 I’ll get by selling the iPhone 4S that I have I’ve reduced the price of my new phones down to $2200 and on a new lower data plan, I’m happy with the overall value.