This week I will be canceling my AT&T Uverse subscription as I have found alternative methods of watching TV at home and on the road making cable subscription obsolete. This is also because I gave my kids an ultimatum, “you need to pick between iPhones or TV” and the kids chose iPhones. I will still keep my internet or switch to another provider if AT&T gives me a hassle but just like the retail model is dead, so too is the cable subscription model. There is simply too much content aggregating out there to keep me entertained to need to continue to pay $140+ month for “TV channels” with content on them. The solution to lowering your cable tv will include the following:

A device with “apps” for viewing TV/Entertainment. Currently, XBOX, Wii, PS3, iPads, iPods, iPhones and almost any computer will allow you to watch TV through apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus. For my large TV screens at home, I have specifically purchased AppleTV device and Roku boxes for my TVs. Both run HDMI and provide HD quality although the AppleTV is only 720p while the Roku is 1080p.

The Roku box will run you about $50 or so depending on the model you get while Apple TV will cost you $99.

Netflix will cost $9 per month.

HuluPlus will cost $8 per month.

Amazon Prime Streaming is FREE if you have Amazon prime $39/year (students) or $79/year for everyone else ($3.25/month for students or $6.58/month for everyone else).

So assuming you have two TV’s at home and you want this setup, your total cost for the first year will be $100 (Roku) + $108 [$9 x 12 (Netflix)] + $96 [$8 x 12 (HuluPlus)] + $77 [$6.58/month (Amazon Prime)] = $381 for the first year.

After the first year, the annual recurring costs (assuming no increase) will be $281 since the Roku boxes are a one time charge. This is effectively $23/month for basically unlimited movies and TV shows from around the world. Contrast the $23/month for this build your own package versus the current $168 AT&T Uverse bill I get and it’s a no brainer! Keep in mind that if you already own a Wii or XBox you can use those devices and not need the Roku at all! I’m currently watching Breaking Bad (on Apple TV), Grimm (on HuluPlus) and other shows on Amazon Prime that I’ve never had time to see and the best part of all is that I can take my subscriptions with me on my iPad when I travel!

Goodbye AT&T uverse, I wish you the best of luck but if you want me back, offer me a-la-cart programming because I don’t want 500 ESPN channels. I’ll make it easy for you here are the only channels I watch: Smithsonian, History, Discovery, broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS). The kids watch a couple of the Disney channels but they watch too much TV now anyway but if you throw them in with the others for $25/month or less then I might come back. Of course if you want to really save money, just buy an over-the-air antenna and drop the subscription altogether….