I simply can’t decide who to vote for this year for president.   On the one hand, Obama has been a HUGE disappointment and I leaned toward supporting “hope and change” but am disgusted at where it’s gone these past four years.   Additionally, Obama has been as big an economic failure as that turd Bush who managed to nearly cause the total global economic collapse with his cronies.   I have no intention of supporting that bozo and clown Romney.  Is this really the best person the GOP could come up with?  What were they thinking?

I am a bit excited that there seems to be real change in mavericks like Cruz of Texas and tea baggers making inroads in Indiana, Florida and other states and maybe obstruction of all legislation for the next four years will help kick start this economy again.

If a man can dream, a democrat president, a tea party senate, and a mixed house perhaps will be the perfect storm of doing nothing for four years….we may finally get somewhere!  Our financial future may rest on congress and the white house doing nothing for four years!