When generation iPhone 1 and 2 were out, I thought they were a waste of money.   The device just wasn’t powerful enough for what it wanted to be and I figured I’d wait until they got a little more powerful before I bought one.    iPhone 3 was a great improvement and when iPhone 4 rolled out, I knew it was time to buy but AT&T still had a lock on it so I waited until an “unlimited” plan was available (via Sprint) before I bought one and that was the 4S model.

I am still amazed however at some people’s attitudes toward smart phones.  Seriously, a smart phone is a portable computer, it is a video camera, it is a camera, it is a music player, it is a flashlight, a navigation aid, and so many other things that adding the value of one smart phone against a stack of peripherals isn’t even close!

I honestly can’t live without my iPad and iPhone, they are my first go-to devices when I want to do something on the internet.   My laptops and even large iMac are there when I need to do some multi-threaded work like opening multiple documents and spreadsheets at the same time to do some work but that’s only about 20% of the time now.

So no, SmartPhones aren’t a waste of money if you want to live in the modern era and have a lifestyle that warrants the use of such a device.  I gave my kids iPhone to give them a leg up on using the new mobility computing platform so yeah, they’ll be way ahead of your kids.   The only caveat is to make sure you have an unlimited data plan to really maximize the value of your device.   Don’t have the money for one?  Cut the cable TV cord and you’ll be way happier!