I got an email from Amazon to try out the new “college book rental” program and I thought I’d give it a chance.   Much to my surprise, I found the offerings quite beneficial to me.   I looked up all my books for the three classes I will be taking this fall and all of them are available for rental at significant cost reduction.    The list price of many of the books is about $150 to $200 but the rentals vary about $50 to $75 for most.

Since I will likely keep books of my major (finance) and quickly sell back or discard the other garbage I have to take (management, accounting) it seems like a worthwhile endeavor to rent the books.    In all honestly, I hardly use the textbooks instead relying on things like YouTube or other online lectures from high end schools to understand material when I get stuck.   Since I’m taking mostly online classes, I have become accustomed to finding my own answers on the web than relying on professors who aren’t ever around or too busy trying to impress noobs.

I am glad students now have at least a new option buy new, buy used, or rent.    If history is any indication, this will significantly drive down the cost of books over the long haul.   I can’t wait to start the semester, I’ll soon be done with the MBA program and ready to get back to blogging.

Amazon, thank you for moving things in the right direction perhaps this will be the start of the end of the college book cartel.