It occurred to me that one of the key corner stones of my wealth could be attributed to one thing: leverage. I know what you’re thinking, “oh great, leveraging is very risky, I don’t have that tolerance” but that’s where you would be wrong.

I have actually leveraged many things to achieve the wealth I have today. The first leverage took place when I borrowed money to get myself an education. It wasn’t just a college education, although that helped, but it was a cumulation of all the other education and training along the way. The returns here have been astronomical when you consider the median salary out there is 40k compared to the income I currently generate.

The second thing I leverage is money. In the past, I didn’t really consider borrowing as a method to growing wealth but it turns out the more money I seem to borrow at low (or zero) interest rates and leverage into higher returns in the stock market or in bank CDs, the faster my wealth accelerates. There is risk here but it is calculated and managed risk which is factored into the leverage.

The last and most commonly used leverage is time -most people build their wealth by leveraging time. You know those “spend less than you earn” types that tell you to invest in mutual funds over the long haul and you’ll get somewhat rich. Well, it’s true to an extent, the caveat is making sure inflation doesn’t eat away at your wealth as you leverage time.

So what are the three key things to leverage to get rich? Knowledge, Money & Time. If you’ve ever read the profiles of most of the billionaires (Carlos Slim, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates) and understand how they accumulated their wealth, you’ll realize that they all leveraged knowledge, money and/or time to get where they’re at today.