This is for all the people that keep ribbing me about my iPad 2.  With the help of a company called SquareUp, I have now officially turned my ipad 2 into a cash register.   The way it works is you hook up a little credit card reader (sent free) to the 3.5mm jack and swipe the credit card and voila money changes hands.    The app is fun and easy to use and a few days later, money shows up magically in your bank account.

I will say the tech support is a bit rough since there isn’t anyone to call and support is handled via e-mail at the moment but once everything gets set up, banking accounts cleared, and transactions flow it works great and I highly recommend it.

Now you may ask what will I use this for?

Well for starters, the next time I have a garage sale, I’ll be able to take credit cards.  The next time someone borrows money, I’ll be able to say, “just give me your credit card and I’ll swipe it on my ipad!”

I am also contemplating using it for community efforts to raise money.  It seems that the parents of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts always seem to forget to bring their cash or checkbooks when fees for camping or annual membership are due but now I can swipe that credit card!

My son has expressed an interest in wanting to start a little business and now if he does, he can take credit cards after mowing lawns.   If you have a daughter that babysits, now the magic of paying with a credit card is readily available.   By the way, you don’t need an ipad, it works with an iPhone as well!

There is a somewhat steep 2.75% charge for  using the service but with no monthly fees it’s way better than anything else out there.

Once again, the iPad is a marvelous device transforming the world and I applaud Steve Jobs for creating it.   I can’t tell you how many things the ipad has replaced in my household.  The power, the beauty, the utility, and the simplicity is what will make this world a better place to live!