If you’re too stupid to get rid of student loan debt as quickly as you get it in, then you deserve to rot in student loan hell.   I’ve outlined my awesome student loan debt laundering scheme here and since Chase kept sending me ridiculous balance transfer offers for zero percent, I decided I would student-debt-launder my final 10k in student loans through a Chase balance transfer.

I am in my last semester of MBA school now and just plunked down the last 3k payment for tuition and books and feel confident my MBA expenses are coming to a close.   I had intended on using the balance transfer offer to pay off the remaining 8k on my mortgage but quite honestly, that mortgage debt will be gone in a few months anyway.   Overall my debt structure is phenomenally low and my cash balances are strong so that means something terrible is probably about to happen because that’s often how life works….

We’ll see what the next few months holds but rumors are about that there may be massive layoffs at my employer and quite honestly I could use some time off!