As I’m in my last semester of my second MBA, an interesting thing happened the first day at class.    The professor asked the class why students were interested in earning their MBAs.  While the responses varied from “opportunity” to “options” the common theme was that it was the baseline degree now needed for a management role.    I won’t disagree with that sentiment since the sole reason I’m getting TWO MBAs was to be able to check that box twice.    Undergraduate degrees are definitely the new “high school diploma” and MBA’s are the new college degree to have.    I know so many people right now at different age groups that are back in school perusing MBAs that it’s a bit frightening.

Interestingly, the professor kept stating, “it’s never to late to get your Ph.D” almost lobbying the students to begin considering getting their Ph.D in respective fields.  I suspect that the next generation (i.e. my kids) will likely need to go all the way through to Ph.D to have any hopes of a decent career.   Of course, true entrepreneurs often don’t finish college and simply start businesses sometimes successful sometimes not so that’s always a possibility.

I have received some really great benefits though such as the general and liberal loan amounts the fed likes to issue which helped me bank 50k at 1.75% interest rates.   I also have been able to buy new macs for my home over the past few years getting the educational discount not to mention the huge savings on academic software.   I’m really going to miss all these perks so I may opt to continue my education or push my wife to get her MBA or MS.