Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing all my accounts, closing down some unused accounts and updating the balances on all my credit card accounts.  I was shocked this weekend to learn that my 12 month 0% APR HSBC Credit Card account began charging interest ($100) right in the middle of my 12 month term.  The 0% APR should be good through at least March 2007.

I spoke with a rep and she noticed the problem and passed me on to her supervisor who also reviewed the account and agreed that there was no reason why there should have been interest charged on the account.  My 0% APR should be good through March 2007 (by which time it’ll be completely paid off).   She did some more research and finally apologized and said she would put in a request to fix the issue with some other group.   I asked how long this would take and she responded, “10 to 14 days.”

I seriously hope they fix this problem or I’ll be closing down all my accounts with HSBC.   I also hope this isn’t some new tactic to screw with their customers hoping they don’t notice the slight of hand trick.