I’ve been receiving e-mails from people wanting to sell ads on my site and others solicit me with the claim to have the ability to increase traffic to my site. I’m not interested in increasing traffic or serving ads on my site for a few reasons.

First, I’ve noted that PF bloggers that do have ads often have conflict of interests. I’ll occasionally read about someone concerned that Google has suspended their account or warned about suspension for this or that. I like to speak my mind about whatever topics I want to write about and not worry that its not hitting the right “demographic” group to appease google or some advertiser.

Second, in order to really make ads worth it, the writing must cater to a large audience so writing about specific topics is usually skipped over in favor of more crowd pleasing generic topics. This is part of the reason you’ll often read, “Spend Less Than You Earn” or “invest in your 401k” over and over again; the breadth of topics must be limited to generic articles that appeal to the masses. I can imagine people’s eyes glossing over as I begin to write about complex matrix arbitrage theory or even something as simple as ETF covered calls – it frightens way too many people.

Third, blogging takes a great deal of time and when I compute the ROI it’s fairly weak especially when the competition caters to the masses where I do not. So because my intended audience is those in the 100k+ income range and this represents a small portion of the populous it would never be feasible or profitable to allow ads on my blog.

Lastly, in many ways, this blog is hopefully a legacy (good or bad) for my kids and perhaps maybe future grandkids to read about their old grand pa when he was young. Perhaps when I write that a gallon of milk cost $6 it will be looked back upon as a bargain as milk costs $40/gallon in 2040 or perhaps milk won’t exist at all!

Now if you are an advertiser or have a product or service that you would like for me to review, I would be happy to take a gander at it and write an unbiased review. The best way to get free advertising on here is to have superior product or service that exceeds expectations and I will likely write accolades about it.