It is with near mathematical certainty that the stock market is going to crash and crash hard in the near future.   The Fed continues to pump money and talk of QE2 and QE3 ad infinitum.  Just ask yourself one thing:   What is going to happen when the funny money spigot is shut off?

The ONLY thing supporting this stock market is essentially free money the fed is pumping into the economy which gets recycled back into the financial markets to support more paper.   It’s all totally worthless or at the very least worth less than it should be now.   I consider the market recovery from when the Dow crashed down to 6000 a blessing but the recent recovery is not sustainable by any measure.    I have been slowly cashing out at every opportunity while continuing to sell short the market.

Yes, the Dow may rise and even hit 12k or above again and it may as the Fed continues to pump money but at some point, it is going to get real, very real for everyone and those that aren’t preparing are going to hurt the most.    Quite a few people I know have cashed out and I plan on using my next employer bonus to pay off remaining debt and shoring up savings and emergency funds.   I remain mostly in cash with a few exceptions such as commodities to hedge against inflation or a hard crash.

If you recall from December 2008, the Fed was injecting money into the “system” back then and by March the Dow had crashed down to 6k.   We’re in December 2010 and the Fed continues to pump money into the “system” yet again.  I won’t go so far as to say March is when the next crash will hit because QE3 may be right around the corner but rest assured I think there are greater odds of the Mayan end of the world prophecy to come true than for a miraculous economic recovery.   Oh well the Mayans end date was December 2012 so we’re only two years away!